Journalism can be divided based on two categories: soft news and hard news.  Soft news has its focus on entertainment. It covers entertainment journalism, sports journalism and celebrity journalism.  Hard news on the other hand focuses on current news that are a hot topic. Hard news involves an in-depth research.

Hard news journalism

  1. Political journalism: This type can be further subdivided into three types: local political news, national political news and international political news. A political journalist will cover political events, election campaigns, political parties, policies and their impact in society. The journalist reporting this kind of news must keep in mind to provide news that is unbiased.
  2. Crime journalism: This journalism involves reporting news that revolves around criminal events or anything that goes against the law. Crime journalists cover murder cases to money embezzlement.
  3. Investigative journalism: An investigative journalist ensures to dig up facts and truth behind any matter through their persistent effort to get information so as to expose the bad deeds that disrupt humankind from progressing.
  4. Business journalism: News related to the workings of an economy or the policies made by a certain company that can bring about an impact on the economic conditions of a country, are news that business journalists strive to put out. They deliver information on the stakeholders, stock market, etc.

Soft news journalism

  1. Sports journalism: A sports journalist will bring news to the world that involves any sports series or sportsperson. Having good communication skills is important to keep the entertainment alive.
  2. Education journalism: Reporting on various developments in the education sector will help in guiding a policymaker to make smart education policies. Creating awareness on education and helping the young generation understand the importance of a higher education is one of the main purposes of an education journalist.
  3. Arts journalism: This kind focuses on bringing news that is related to the various types of arts such as literature, dance, music, drama, films, painting, etc. Through this type, the society is aware and appreciate the beauty of arts from around the world.
  4. Lifestyle journalism: People these days are focusing more on living a healthy and luxurious life. For this purpose, lifestyle journalism delivers news that covers home décor, gardening, fashion, cooking, leisure, healthy way to live, yoga, exercises etc.
  5. Entertainment journalism: It delivers information that revolves around films, music, award functions, celebrities and festivals.

Adhirai (Author)