“Unity in diversity” is the happiness equation of Indians all over the globe. The cultural diversity of India is always a fact that keepseach Indian versatile. Everyone says unity in diversity then why not in caste. The tagging of Dalits, achoots, outcastes needs a ban in the country and it is high time for healing.

The Caste System

The stratification of the human race into different categories based on karma and dharma is widely known as the caste system. This is the oldest form of classification among the Hindus.

The term caste came from the Spanish and Portuguese word “casta” which gives into the meaning of lineage, breed, race. Casta was employed to mean the jati – the Indian social groups. Jati gets its origin from “Jana” which means birth. This shows the relation of birth with the caste. The best-suited slogan for the caste system is Birth Allocates The Berth Of Your Journey.

Evolution of caste system

There are different theories regarding the formation of the caste system. There are different dimensions from which this evolution can be viewed. Brahmins were considered priests and teachers. The members of Kshatriyas were warriors and rulers who were skilled in the administration sector. Vaishyas belong to farmers, traders, and merchants. The Shudras were the labourers and artisans of the society.

The religious theory portrays the four varnas – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and the Shudras developed from the head, arms, thigh, and feet of the Brahma respectively.

While considering the socio-historic dimension. The arrival of Aryans influences the formation of the caste system. The culture of natives of India was disregarded by the Aryans. They conquered many parts and ward off the natives to forest, mountains, and countryside. Among Aryans, there were three groups. The first one Rajanya is later known as Kshethriya. The second came Brahmins and the third was Vaisyas. Then comes the fourth section of Shudras, which were from two sets. One from the defeated locals and the other from descendants of Aryans from the natives. The political struggle between Brahmins and Kshethriyas resulted in the domination of Brahmins in the game.

According to the eyes and views of occupation, the one who does respectable works like preaching, teaching, wars, gets dominated over the others who used to do the menial jobs.

Perils behind the scene

The evolution of the caste system had incorporated severe dangers to the communal relationship of homo sapiens. It gives rise to different strains of ill effects in society. Cracks in national unity, principles of democracy were overruled by caste interest, the introduction of untouchability and attribution of lower status to women caused an imbalance in the national development. Moreover, the depressed class and their suppression were always a theory of injustice. We mention India as a developing country, along with the growth of infrastructure, industries, national schemes there is a high chance for the stemming of cruelty in the upcoming generation. The disparities shown at the educational institution will always lead to the generation of malice among the individuals. The little kids of four or five are comfortable with the usage of terms untouchability, outcaste, lower caste…et cetera. All this will only lead to the collapse of India.

Drag out the Devil

Eradication of the caste system is always on paper. The actions and sounds are just dummies to fool individuals. Many across the boundaries of India opined for the removal of caste columns in their paper works related to the admission procedure. The allocation of reserved seats based on caste should be banned. Instead of the caste, it can be regulated based on the poverty line. The need for a caste certificate should be boycotted. We are known for “one country, one language”; one country, one ration; then why not one country, one caste – INDIAN. We all have learned in schools reiterated verses of pledge – “India is my country, all Indians are my brothers and sisters.” Is it not blood flowing through all our veins, Don’t we have the same feeling of hunger, Don’t we have the same access to our rights and freedom. Often, we are termed the human race. It means we all are one race in general. So medicate your blind eyes of casteism with equality, justice, and peace and view the whole new world of Socialization.

Author: Mariasia Devassy