Journalism has always been the voice of the people. Journalism has changed the lives of many. Whenever the voices of normal people are left unheard, we have our heroes called the journalist to voice out for us.  Our lives without journalism would be a nightmare, as we would be left unknown about the world, unaware of our rights, and stay like a voiceless innocent creature. Take a moment and thank all those journalists who are working hard for normal people like us.

The mission of journalism is therefore to equip us with the knowledge we demand to deliver the greatest achievable choices about our endurance, neighborhoods, communities, and ministries. And yes, the journalist of today are working on it pretty well. Journalism can also be used as a key to unity. If journalism has the power to keep people updated about everyday happenings, the same journalism can also hold to power to enhance unity and equality. Journalism has served a lot to mankind. Journalists are the ones who use the right to speak well and good. Even during this coronavirus pandemic, moreover, like our health care workers, our journalist are also risking their lives and working non-stop to keep us updated about the latest information.

Journalists have been the unsung heroes for a very long time. But let us make sure to appreciate them for their tremendous contributions towards mankind and our daily lives. Journalist deserves to be treated higher, as they are the voice of all people. At the same time, journalism should preach only the good, and reveal only the right. The impact of journalism on a common man’s life would be a turning point for a nation. So, every journalist should take up the responsibility of updating the people with authentic information only.

“Journalism is a tiny globe that introduces you to the wider one!”

Akshara A (Author)